What’s Beauty AND for whom is easier to redefine Beauty: for an ugly human being or for a beautiful one?

As a woman, with my own aspect, I am here to redefine Beauty too, to invite people to reclaim their inner beauty, their feminine sacredness.

As a woman, living in a society where I have to deal with 99% of the men who immediately want to connect with me sexually, without even know me… without me having the chance to say a simple “hello” or even to introduce myself.

As a woman, during my lifetime, I have endured a lot of feeding energies, extracting energies from the men who have plugged in into my body energetically… wanting something from me… my beauty… without giving them permission to take it, to stole it… . Men always felt they have the freedom to abuse this beauty… because they thought they have “the power”.

Being Beautiful its not only about the men, but women too. Women who do not appreciate their own beauty, they kind of responding” why are you robbing into our face your Beauty, while we have to work overtime just to appear some more attractive, while you don’t have to do anything. For some reason they think “God” didn’t love them as much as He loved me…

I am here, in this human temple, to Reclaim my own Beauty… giving Voice to my Truth… and this is possible only with the Beauty of my Soul. This physical body is too much for me to carry. My Soul is my eternal Companion.

Ugly or Beautiful… we are here to experience… Life, through the inner beauty, the sacred feminine. Its not about physical aspect… The question is … How often do we FEEL Beautiful? How can you reclaim your own Sacred BEauty in a world that is based on anti-aging industry, artificial beauty methods, etc?

We are not a look, but a feeling!

The Authentic BEauty is the Soul made Visible